Recruitment for Your Open Positions: from your receptionist to project manager to engineer.

Business Consulting: Helping your hiring managers know the rules for interviewing. Helping to increase the diversity at your organization. Consulting with displaced employees on resume-writing and preparing for interviews

Resume Review and Revision: For those that would like some advice and a better resume (from a recruiter’s point-of-view)

Presentations and Training: One-day to one-week courses (including help with job searching and “soft skills”, appearance and presentation).

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If you do any research on the Direct-Hire industry, you will find out a few things:
#1 – The person working on your requisition typically only has staffing industry experience. They likely have never been a corporate recruiter.

#2 – Without having that corporate experience, they may not understand the importance of learning from the hiring manager directly. HR is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but HR isn’t in the trenches, so-to-speak. They are facilitating the paperwork needed to fill a position. Sure, there’s always that JOB DESCRIPTION and that’s a great place to start, but gaining the insight of the hiring manager is really where you get to the nuts and bolts of a job.

#3 – The pricing structure for Direct Hire recruiting. I’ll let you do the research on that. Find out what they’ll charge to place their candidate and then CALL ME. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.