Making Excuses

Sometimes people give more reasons why they CANNOT do something and spend more time complaining and making excuses for their inaction, then telling me why they are the best person for the job. It is a cop-out.

No matter your situation, there is always something POSITIVE you can do with your life, including finding employment that will not only sustain you but enhance your life. So stick to the “Can-Do” attitude, not excuses for why you can “Can’t Do.”

There is no doubt that people have challenges! One of the groups I volunteer with is a prison here in Portland. Every other month or so I present to a group of men who will soon be released back into their communities. Now, THESE guys have challenges!

They are re-entering a society in which the economy (and country) is still in upheaval. They also have the stigma of being formally incarcerated. Many times they are also people of color. Keep in mind that the published employment rate does not accurately reflect the unemployment rate for people of color, veterans, people with legal histories or those who are differently-abled.

It’s all about the attitude and self-belief of “Can-Do!” v. Making Excuses. If they CAN DO it – so can you!